Nitrous Systems

HVH and Nitrous Express have jointly developed our new "Super Sucker" nitrous system. Combining the experience of Joe Petelle (HVH) and Mike Wood (NX) has yielded the ultimate in nitrous plate systems.

Dyno testing reveals unbelievable horsepower increases using the patented HVH+NX Phase II "Super Suckers". Car Craft magazine's 408 cubic inch small block Ford with a 200HP shot produced over "700HP at the WHEELS."

NXSS are available for the 4150 and 4500 carbs in 50-300HP and 100-500HP configurations.

Current nitrous users will be happy to know that this plate is offered separately by HVH to replace virtually any existing nitrous plate. Just add your solenoids and you're ready to make some horsepower! Complete systems are available from bottle to plate.

Contact us for more on available nitrous systems to meet your specific needs.